The Inner Game of Business Success

In a way business (and life for that matter) is a game, or rather, games, two games. Our outer game is what we do; our inner game is what we think. What decides whether a person will succeed or struggle in their business is both. The outer game is their strategy, product, sales process, level … Continue reading Way Cool

Have you ever been driving, or walking, or doing something, when you had that awesome thought? That thing you want to remember to do. That sudden light bulb in your head idea. What if you had the ability to, just at that moment, speak that thought into your phone and the information is immediately transcribed into … Continue reading

Attracting Positive Public Relations

Generating positive public relations is all about THE STORY. What is your story and why are you unique in the industry or amongst your competition? When I sit down to learn about a new business I often listen for key things: 1. What is your direct competition in the market like? How unique are you? … Continue reading

Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer Before Taking the Leap

Clarifying Goals: Where Do I Want to Go? “An entrepreneur’s personal and business goals are inextricably linked.” What kind of enterprise do I need to build? What risks and sacrifices does such an enterprise demand? Can I accept those risks and sacrifices? Setting Strategy: How Will I Get There? “Ventures based on a good strategy … Continue reading

R U Shopping Your Web Site Designer Based Solely on Price?

As a Web developer who’s company slogan is, “Experts in how business get’s done on the Internet”, I would be greatly remiss if I did not give you my expert opinion on the cheapest option out there for a Web site. The best cheap option out there, if your number one criteria for choosing a Web site designer is price, is … Continue reading

Clear Vision Will Pull You To Success

Do you want to experience something really powerful? If you want to make your business building journey easier by attracting all the good spirits to help you, here is a suggestion: Create a vision of what you really want in your business and your life. Give it a physical form, for example make a vision … Continue reading

How Blogging Helps Your Business

Blogs!!! Everyone says you need to have one to increase your company’s business, but how do they do that? They do it three ways. 1. They increase business by providing a location on the Internet that people somehow learn about, they visit, and if the information is good, then they want to keep coming back to … Continue reading

The Fundamental Attribution Error

We aren’t all that good at accurately attributing causality. When someone behaves badly we jump to unflattering conclusions. The chief error we make is a simple one: We assume that people do what they do because of personality factors or flawed character. Why did that woman steal from a co-worker? Because she’s dishonest.   Human … Continue reading

Business Versus Life?

Entrepreneurs are an inspiring and interesting bunch of people. We have a tendency to dream bigger than the average Joe, have higher expectations form life, take higher risks and work harder for our goals. It’s the love of the game that propels us. We do it because we have this beautiful life vision beckoning to … Continue reading

Google Secrets???

Google does not disclose their search programming algorithms. What this means is they don’t let people know exactly how they decide who gets top ranking. But, Google will tell you what is important to them and what they think is bad Web site Design. Here is Google’s biggest published piece of advice for what they feel … Continue reading

So You Think You Can’t Afford A Publicist

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we’re all rejuvenated by the fresh start a new year brings. This year could be the year you take your business to new heights, but you think you can’t afford to hire professionals to help you do this. It’s not true.  Public relations can be a tremendously powerful tool … Continue reading

Don’t hit the Send key…

You’ve just written a blistering rebuttal to your boss’s critique of your report. You’ve explained in detail how what you wrote is on-point and he should see that. It felt really good to write it – But hit the Delete key instead of the Send key on that e-mail. Turn this painful opportunity into a … Continue reading

What Do YOU Really Want Out Of Life?

Well, let me simply ask you: What do YOU really want out of life? What is truly important for you to have, to achieve, to do, to accomplish? How do you want to feel when you get there? And how do you want to be in your life? Close your eyes for a few seconds … Continue reading

The Importance of a “Marketing State of Mind”

Not everyone has the “marketing gift”. Meaning that marketing – understanding it – doesn’t come easily to everyone, but it is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your business. How do you exactly develop a “marketing state of mind”? First you have to look at the obvious things about … Continue reading

Difficult Conversations…

I’ve been thinking about what topic I might use to begin participating on The Small Business Daily and the idea of Difficult Conversations – what are they and what we can do about them came to mind. You know these conversations – an employer talking to an employee about a performance issue, a business partner … Continue reading

How Much Should You Being Paying to Have a Small Business Web Site?

By Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists LLC, There are three basic costs associated with having a Web site. Domain Name Hosting Design When working with your Web developer be sure you are familiar with each of these costs to avoid paying too much for your Web site. 1. Domain name cost. Your Domain is … Continue reading

What is a brand? How does one brand their business, company, etc?

Branding is defined as: creating an automatic recognition and emotional feeling towards a product, company or event by using consistent messaging through several marketing elements.  Now, take a minute and think back to your childhood and the products that stick out most in your mind; the things that were always around the house; the things … Continue reading

If It’s Answers You Want, Then That’s What We’ll Give You

Welcome to our the new blog where small business owners/experts give you the information and resources you most need to start and grow a successful business.  We know that building a business is like a field of dreams – if you build it you really hope they will come.  And they will if you have … Continue reading