How Much Should You Being Paying to Have a Small Business Web Site?

By Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists LLC,

There are three basic costs associated with having a Web site.

  1. Domain Name
  2. Hosting
  3. Design

When working with your Web developer be sure you are familiar with each of these costs to avoid paying too much for your Web site.

1. Domain name cost. Your Domain is your www address. For example Domains right now are dirt cheap. You can get them for $9.99 a year. You can buy a domain name for up to 10 years. Be careful of ads saying domain names for only $2.99, or $1.99.   That’s their first year cost. How much is their 2nd year cost. Many companies will try to hook you with the first year for $1.99 and then it’s $18 or $25 a year after that. Never pay more than $9.99 a year for your Domain name!!!! And folks, always, always, always make sure the domain name is in your name, NOT the person who created your Web site for you. If it’s not in your name, contact your Web developer and get it in your name. It takes 5 minutes for them to change that information.

2. Hosting costs. A web site is a collection of files. Those files have to sit on a server somewhere out there on the Internet. You rent this server space, or in other words someone hosts your Web pages.  Companies rent hosting space for your files on a server accessible to the Internet.  For most Web sites you should “NOT” being paying more than $4.50 a month. All reputable hosting companies provide email address with this monthly hosting price, as well as databases and a ton of other cool stuff. All for only $4.50 per month. Including spam protection and Web site hijacking protection.

(So for items 1 and 2 above, having a basic Web site should never cost you more than $60 a Year!!!

Another very important point about hosting. 24 X 7, 7 days a week including holidays you should be able to pickup the phone and talk with your hosting provider. If they don’t provide this level of customer support move to another hosting company.

3. Design Costs. This one is whole lot trickier to define. Design means three things….

  • The visual look of your Web site.
  • The sales message of your Web site.
  • Any end user functionality required for your Web site (For Example, a shopping cart)

The look of this Web site cost $110. The cost associated with creating visually stunning Web sites has plummeted in the last 5 years. Creating this site from scratch 5 years ago would have cost you between $3,000 to $5,000 and that’s just the look of the Web site. Now you can get it for $110.

The sales message of this Web site cost $600. A Web site requires call to action messages. Get a Web developer that takes the time to know your business and can help you sell your business on the Internet.

The programming functionality of the “Search Features” in this Web site cost around $5,000 Your Web developer needs to have awesome project management skills to build the search functionality in a Web site like this. The site has an enormous amount of back end administrative functionality built into it that the end user will never see. But someone has to add edit and delete the date associated with the results pages.

In conclusion, having a Web site is an awesome tool for your company. It’s important that you become an educated consumer before spending money on your site. Ask the experts to help you understand the different components. Experts who are not sales people first.

Chris Nastav, Owner KC Web Specialists LLC.


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