What Do YOU Really Want Out Of Life?

Well, let me simply ask you: What do YOU really want out of life? What is truly important for you to have, to achieve, to do, to accomplish? How do you want to feel when you get there? And how do you want to be in your life?

Close your eyes for a few seconds and connect with your idea of a good life. What do you see, what’s showing up right away and what’s coming as an afterthought? Does your vision come easily to you or do you feel some resistance to it?

When I ask my new clients what they really want from life, I usually get one of the three types of answers. The way people answer is a good indicator where they are on the vibration level with their life vision and how ready and willing they are to work on getting the life they want. Wherever they are with it (and wherever you are), they are just in the right place in their process. Nevertheless, I invite you to really hear your own answers to the questions above and to see how you relate to them. It will allow you to become aware of where you are in your own process. And when you are aware, it opens a possibility to move if you wish.

So how do people answer the big question? In one group are people who say: “I don’t know”, “I haven’t really thought about it” or “I guess, I want the usual, you know, what other people want”. You can hear their hesitations, uncertainty, indecision. You can hear their fear of asking for too much or asking or expecting anything at all. The subconscious reasoning is that if you don’t expect, you can’t get disappointed. It’s safer not to ask. Well, the flip side is that if you are afraid to ask for what you really want, there is a good chance you won’t get it.

Then there are people who have really grand dreams. They usually say they want things and the lifestyle that are very hard to attain, something to effect: “I want to be a millionaire by the end of the month”. Of course there is nothing wrong with dreaming big, as long as you really expect to do whatever is necessary to get there and that you feel worthy inside of receiving it from the Universe. When my clients have a grandiose dream and their life experiences so far were very far removed from their vision, I usually offer them feedback on the discrepancy and question them further to get deeper into the self-sabotaging patterns. Often we uncover that the discrepancy is dictated by fear. I call it a fear of real success. By setting their goals way out of their reach, they will not feel so bad when they don’t get there. This type of fear of setting reachable goals is dictated by their own distrust in their abilities, capabilities, worthiness and deserving of a good life.

The third group is, you guessed it, the people who are not afraid to dream, dream somewhat bigger than their comfort zone but not out of reach. These are people who are OK with stating what they want, expecting to work for it and to welcome it to their lives, yet at the same time they have the ability to detach from the outcome and take what life offers them.

So look at your dream, see how easy or not easy it’s coming to you, notice your own resistance and fear if you have any. Just by observing your own stuff, you detaches from it to some degree. The only way to get some space between you and your fears is to simply look at them.

Ask yourself what you want out of life over and over again. Arrive at the answer that feels good, feels in balance. Fears will always come up, see them and let them go, they are nothing more than your thoughts.

To support you with creating your life vision that truly reflects who you are and what is really important for you, please use this FREE resource: Life Vision Exercise. It’s a fun and powerful visualization exercise to help you uncover your most important values and attract the life you want.

Margaret Moczkowski, Evolved Life and Business Coach



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