Google Secrets???

Google does not disclose their search programming algorithms. What this means is they don’t let people know exactly how they decide who gets top ranking. But, Google will tell you what is important to them and what they think is bad Web site Design.

Here is Google’s biggest published piece of advice for what they feel is a good Web site. They say, a good Web site is one that has well written content and your Web site content supports what your company actually does. In other words, they will give you top billing if they “feel” your company actually does what your Web site says you do.
When someone comes to your home page because you say you’re a chiropractor, when they get to the home page, can they immediately determine and trust that you are a quality chiropractor dedicated to helping people with your services. Google makes that determination based on a lot of things, high on thier list of criteria is how well your Web site content is written.
If you have a prescription drug service and happened to say on your home page that you support chiropractors, you are not going to show up in a Google search for Chiropractors. Google promises their customers that they will top list companies that do what they say they do and have quality written content on their sites in support of their actual business services or products.
Chris Nastav, Owner, KC Web Specialists, LLC,

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