So You Think You Can’t Afford A Publicist

As entrepreneurs and small business owners we’re all rejuvenated by the fresh start a new year brings. This year could be the year you take your business to new heights, but you think you can’t afford to hire professionals to help you do this. It’s not true.  Public relations can be a tremendously powerful tool to grow your business. It only takes one highly targeted placement to create overnight success.

One of my clients was included in a national magazine’s holiday gift guide followed by two additional, extremely targeted placements that occurred over two months. It changed the face of their business overnight and catapulted it to a new level of awareness amongst retailers and consumers. Over the last 18 months of working together, the company quadrupled sales with a strong and affordable public relations program that supports sales. Another client, a small retailer, tripled business in 10 months after introducing them to a local writer. Public relations is powerful.

Often business owners call large corporate PR firms only to be so disappointed by the colossal expense that they may feel as if they will never be able to achieve their dream of being a successful business owner. You can afford professional, high-quality public relations that can grow your business. You just need to look in the right place.

The real keys are finding a professional who:
• sees your story and knows how, and who, to pitch to generate results
• specializes in small business and organizations
• understands trends, importance of demographics and has real experience as a journalist
• is strategic in looking at long-term programming
• really understands what it’s like to be a small business owner or entrepreneur
• is committed to being a team member and is committed to your success
• sees the potential long-term relationship with you and business potential for both parties
• truly believes in your business model and/or concept
• is results oriented and can make things happen on a limited budget

In turn, you have to be as equally committed to the “partnership” by acknowledging that you will eventually need to grow your budget as a result of the dedication of the professional you end up working with. What you can end up with is a lasting collaboration that results in notable growth for your business.

Remember that marketing that builds a brand is a long-term and patient process that requires ongoing frequency of message delivery and perseverance.

Jennifer Fortney, Cascade Communications




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