Business Versus Life?

Entrepreneurs are an inspiring and interesting bunch of people. We have a tendency to dream bigger than the average Joe, have higher expectations form life, take higher risks and work harder for our goals. It’s the love of the game that propels us. We do it because we have this beautiful life vision beckoning to us and pulling us forward. We also have a tendency to get so involved in our business adventures that we become enmeshed in them and the life we always wanted to have is put aside.
So what about the life we always wanted to have? Wasn’t the vision of the lifestyle the biggest reason to go into business? So why now is work taking so much time and energy and we put life enjoyment on hold?
There is a good way of balancing the act of business building and living. Yes, your business requires more time and effort in the first years. Yes, you need to give it a big push in the beginning, so you can enjoy more freedom later. I often remind myself that how I will live for the next 10 years, will determine how I will live the next 60 years after that (yes, I plan to reach a hundred). And this gets me going. On the other hand, I’m also teaching myself to push that pause button at the end of the day and at the end of the week so I can truly enjoy other and often bigger gifts life offers: my children, taking a walk, cooking, yoga, reading, meditation, friends, etc. And I know from my own experience how difficult it is to switch gears from work to home. But I remind myself that one of the main reasons I have my own business is because I want to be able to spend more time with my kids and the reason I have a home office is because I want to participate in their lives. This reminder helps me let go and guilt-freely dive into my home responsibilities and joys, at least most of the times.
When you are working in your own business there is no manager to watch over you. You have to decide what is healthy for your business and for your life. You have to decide how many hours to work and you have to hit the pause button when needed. You have to decide and stick to what is a good plan for you. Define your own balance, set a clear intention to have it, and create structures to stick to it.

Margaret Moczkowski, ACC, CPC
Personal Coach
Momentum Coaching


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