Questions Every Entrepreneur Should Answer Before Taking the Leap

Clarifying Goals: Where Do I Want to Go?
“An entrepreneur’s personal and business goals are inextricably linked.”

  • What kind of enterprise do I need to build?
  • What risks and sacrifices does such an enterprise demand?
  • Can I accept those risks and sacrifices?

Setting Strategy: How Will I Get There?
“Ventures based on a good strategy can survive confusion and poor leadership, but sophisticated control systems and organizational structures cannot compensate for an unsound strategy.”

  • Is the strategy well defined?
  • Can the strategy generate sufficient profits and growth?
  • Is the strategy sustainable?
  • Are my goals for growth too conservative or too aggressive?

Executing the Strategy: Can I Do It?
“May be the hardest question to answer because it requires the most candid self-examination.”

  • Do I have the right resources and relationships?
  • How strong is the organization?
  • Can I play my role?

Based on an article by Amar Bhide, HBR, Dec., 1996

Using this model won’t guarantee success, but it does offer a rational lens to view your entrepreneurial enterprise through – and one more bit of advice: Don’t consider your model in a vacuum. Seek out objective, experienced, and trusted advisers to help you find the gaps in your model. It’s the old adage, An Ounce of Prevention…

Michael Shapiro

Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc.


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