Way Cool

Have you ever been driving, or walking, or doing something, when you had that awesome thought? That thing you want to remember to do. That sudden light bulb in your head idea. What if you had the ability to, just at that moment, speak that thought into your phone and the information is immediately transcribed into a text email sent to you.  When you got back to your office there’s the email, with the text transcribed of what you said. Folks, that ability is here today, and man oh man is it a lifesaver for me. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup. It’s priced free with ad’s or $3.95 per month without ads. Did you know that if you don’t write that idea that’s floating around in your head down in about 47 seconds you will probably forget it as you start thinking of other things.  For me, I’m Jotting my way into a better memory 🙂


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