The Inner Game of Business Success

In a way business (and life for that matter) is a game, or rather, games, two games. Our outer game is what we do; our inner game is what we think. What decides whether a person will succeed or struggle in their business is both. The outer game is their strategy, product, sales process, level of market knowledge, marketing, alignment with the economic climate, how they spend their time and energy, how organized they are, etc. The inner game is their success mindset: their belief and trust in their own ability to play a winning outer game.
The inner game comes always first. The inner game dictates the outer game. What you do, how you spend your time, how effective you all depend on the quality of your mindset. The success mindset is a firm belief in your own capabilities to create your version of success as well as your feeling of worthiness to receive it. You must have the trust and the belief on the inside to succeed on the outside.
That’s why it’s crucial to put time and energy into cultivating your inner state of mind. In my previous blog I talked about the importance of creating and connecting with your life and business vision. Out of that vision I invite you now to take the next powerful step: create your Decision Statement and your Belief Statement. Your Decision Statement is a short and powerful sentence or two of what your intention is for your business and for yourself. It’s not a goal or a mission statement, but rather a statement of what you are intending to create. For example:
“My decision is to be a highly successful (fill in the blank) with an amazingly profitable business.” or “My intention is to become a world-famous (fill in the blank) and help thousands of people to (fill in the blank)”.
Make it highly personal, authentic, write it in the way that really talks to you and empowers you. It needs to touch your very essence in such way that you will get really excited about it and ready to go for it.
The second part of the process is to support your Decision with your Belief. Belief Statement is a concise declaration of the reason or reasons why you will succeed and make your Decision a reality. Again, it is very personal and has to address your own individual needs. For example:
“I am perfectly designed to be a highly successful (…) and have an amazingly profitable business” or “I am absolutely capable of becoming a world-famous (…) and help thousands of people to (…)”.
Do you see how your Belief Statement works to make your Decision Statement more complete and stronger?
Once you create your statements, write them down somewhere where you can see them every day and connect with them daily. A powerful thing to do is to also record them into a voice recorder and listen to them twice a day: just before you fall asleep and in the morning before you start your work. You will soon see how they fuel you and how they give you a much more open and spacious perspective when dealing with the outside “situations” and challenges. Things will become easier to handle, obstacles simpler to overcome and opportunities more noticeable. You will be much more on target and purposeful in your actions and the journey will become more exciting.

Margaret Moczkowski
Personal Success Coach
Momentum Coaching


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