Ho, ho, ho – Everyone Wants Big 4th Quarter News and Sales

For public relations professionals, we understand that most publications put their holiday edition to bed at least three months a go. However, the web has made it easier for you to drum up last minute interest, capitalize on fourth quarter sales promotions surrounding the holidays and turn sales into cash that will lead to the … Continue reading

Networking – How’s Your One-Liner?

Do you think networking takes place only at so-called networking events? You know those forced get-togethers where most people play the business card derby – how many of yours can you give out and/or how many of others can you collect. The fact is, that’s one of the least effective forms of networking. Here’s a … Continue reading

What Media Crunches Mean To Your PR Efforts

Although it has presented a load of opportunities for businesses and individuals, the Internet has been very hard on traditional media, especially newspapers and TV. Those who failed to embrace the Internet right off the bat are making staff cuts that can hurt your chances of achieving positive public relations, unless you’re knowledgeable and sensitive. … Continue reading

eCommerce Sites are Not Your Typical Web Sites

So you want to sell products online. There’s a huge difference between a shopping cart Web site and a static brochure style Web site. I could go on and on about the technical differences between the two types of sites, but I wanted to make this a relatively short post. 🙂  If you plan to … Continue reading

Converting a Gripe into a Goal

Redefining Problems to Make Them Solvable How gratifying is it to listen to people’s gripes? Often, complaints are presented to the listener as overwhelming troubles. By the very nature of how they are presented, they sound insurmountable. “There is no such thing as an unsolvable problem,” says Vistage speaker Mike Murray. “But there are ways … Continue reading

BRANDNG-What’s in a name?

Building a strong brand means having a single point of distinction in your category.  Define your message and focus only on that one aspect of singular distinction. For example strong brands we all know like : Coca-Cola ®  – “It’s The Real Thing” Or Miller Lite ®  – Less filling, tastes great” If you don’t … Continue reading

Content Is King!

Do you have a Web site? Do you write in a blog? What is the hottest thing going right now that you can do to increase your search engine results within Google and Yahoo? The answer is…..write high quality content that contains the exact key wordspeople are typing into Google and Yahoo. What constitutes high quality content? … Continue reading

Delegation – A Key Success Factor

There are many reasons entrepreneurs have for not delegating – It takes too much time to explain or I can do it faster and better myself or This is too critical to delegate. Unfortunately, if you allow these reasons to guide your approach to delegation, your business will never grow to its fullest potential. A … Continue reading

Your Business’ Vibration Energy Level

The last 20 years or so brought tremendous changes to the business world. I’m not just talking about globalization, Internet, new technology. A new kind of way of doing business emerged and it’s changing how we buy, sell, how we work, how we interact with each other. There is this subtler factor deciding if a … Continue reading

Who Really Owns Your Domain Name?

Do you own the domain name for your company? To answer this question, rephrase it to this…..Are you, the owner of your company, the administrative contact for your domain name? If not, you really don’t own your domain name, the person who is the adminstrative contact owns the domain name. That can be a very … Continue reading

So, You’ve Begun A PR Campaign, But Are You Prepared For Growth?

When you own a small business, the number one priority is to drive business immediately. The first thing you need to do before putting a marketing plan in place to generate awareness and drive interest in your business is to think through the steps you will take, or put into place, to handle the increase … Continue reading


What is it? Why is it important?  And how do you make your brand stand out in a market crowded with your competitors?  We work a six step process with our clients to help them understand key brand issues and the importance of getting it right the first time. In this series of posts on … Continue reading

Now is the Time to Create a 3-5-7 Year Plan

Balancing the day-to-day needs of managing inventories, salaries, and costs is challenging enough for a small business owner, and few feel that they have the time to sit down and create an effective and forward thinking 3-5-7 year plan.  However, the current business climate requires one to consider how to make the most of today’s … Continue reading

Being an Entrepreneur is not for Everyone…

Are you one of the Corporate Fatalities from this year’s right-sizing initiative?” Does the idea of running a small company seem idyllic? What could be more exciting than building a business from the ground up? You’ll bootstrap it, call all the shots and make all the rules. You’re certain that your years of corporate expertise … Continue reading

5 Things to Consider Before Pursuing PR

Since there was some question as to exactly what journalists are looking for, I decided to expand on the topic. One of the first things I do when speaking to a potential new client is uncover what makes them unique; what is the story that consumers will be interested in. The reason? Because this is … Continue reading