BRANDNG-What’s in a name?

Building a strong brand means having a single point of distinction in your category.  Define your message and focus only on that one aspect of singular distinction.

For example strong brands we all know like :

Coca-Cola ®  – “It’s The Real Thing”


Miller Lite ®  – Less filling, tastes great”

If you don’t identify your self, your competitors will do it for you!

To address the first point, your product or service,  look for key aspects of the company, history and any weakness that could be a strength.  Then discover your Brand Platform.  The second point, naming… There are three types of names:

Indifferent Non Catagorical or NONsense  ( 3 points to the person who sends me the  #1 nonsensical name.)

Something to think about when you get ready to put on your brand.  The first is the most obvious.  The person’s name, a good example of this would be Orval Redenbacher.  This was successful when introduced into the market because it was a distinctive name and when paired with the white hair professor type from the Midwest – it gave the product a real sense of security and stability. Today we have all come to know this name well and trust it is the BEST popcorn in the category.

Do you have your name buttoned up?

JT Clark – The Branding Babe!


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