Ho, ho, ho – Everyone Wants Big 4th Quarter News and Sales

For public relations professionals, we understand that most publications put their holiday edition to bed at least three months a go. However, the web has made it easier for you to drum up last minute interest, capitalize on fourth quarter sales promotions surrounding the holidays and turn sales into cash that will lead to the continued growth of your business.

Thanks to the Internet news is revolving throughout the day. Web-only publications are always looking for news, opening the door of opportunity for businesses, especially those with a lifestyle-oriented product or service. Some sites like TheCelebrityCafe.com produce more than 40 stories a day! And constantly looking for new stories and products for its variety of gift guides and daily news.

Another great thing about these types of websites is that some use an RSS to help further distribute their news stories into the WWW and sometimes to the desks of journalists around the globe. I always recommend that my clients build an RSS feed from their online press rooms. It does a few things, but the most important of these is to make your press releases and news searchable. RSS is easy to set up and, in most cases, is FREE!

The first thing you need to do is define your audience, research websites and blogs that your customer may read and, finally, pitch them your story or tell the writer why your product/company should be included in an upcoming gift guide.

Gift guides are wonderful, inclusion opportunities for businesses to gain additional exposure. I recommend checking with your local newspaper, entertainment/shopping sites and TV stations to see if they have produced their gift guide/shopping segment for the holidays and if not whether they are interested in including your business. Position the new trend or connect it to recent news and you’ll be sure to perk up some ears.

Especially during these economic times, you must take your consumer into perspective and know that they will be looking to save money, so BE the business that can do this for them and you will NO DOUBT generate the sale.  The best way to get PR right now is to make a great offer.

Finally, be aggressive. Editors and producers are inundated with everyone and their mother trying to generate PR, and hence sales, for their products/companies in the Fourth Quarter. You can’t sit back idle but must, instead, make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Jennifer Fortney, Cascade Communications


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