Marketing a Small Business Requires Patience, Perseverance and Persistance

After a long day of simply running your business it can be difficult to sit down and make time to focus on marketing.  Even I sometimes stop at the end of the day and think “do I have to?”.  And you do if you want to maintain the business you have and continue to reach new customers. 

Building a brand and marketing your business is a long-term, ongoing process that doesn’t stop after the first ad, sales promotion or media story.

Actively marketing your business requires patience, perseverance and persistance.  It is the number one way to ensure your success and make your dreams of running a thriving business come to fruition.  However, it is a stumbling ground for most who are full of ideas but never seem to get around to implementing them.  That’s why you need to put them on paper and prioritize your marketing goals. 

Here are some of the marketing priorities that should be on your list:

  • Brand Identity – logo creation: Does your logo/brand represent your business the way you want people to perceive it?  Building a brand identity you’re happy with is crucial because it is how customers will “see” you; identify with your company.  It must have longevity.  You can’t afford to brand a logo only to change it and start all over again. 
  • Website – In today’s world, your website is the first step customers will take in the buying cycle – research.  It is in many ways the first impression they will recieve on your business so you have to make sure it’s up to snuff. Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, has provided plenty of great tips for your website here.  Review them, learn them and use them. 
  • Key messages – what are the 10 key messages you want to be sure to communicate about your business in every marketing element?  In your elevator pitch? 
  • Marketing Tactics – outline how you plan to communicate to your audience(s) about your business.  Is it through advertising (what kind, where and when), using PR (what’s your story), direct mail or email, sales and/or cross promotions, sponsorships, etc? 

You wouldn’t construct a building without a blue print so why would you build your business without a business and marketing plan?  Putting your marketing ideas on paper, making them real, will help you see the game plan or vision for your business.  It will also, most importantly, keep you on task with what you need to do and when.  Don’t stress about marketing your business.  Create a plan and a timeline of implementation that you review weekly.  It will give you direction and much needed peace of mind. 

Jennifer Fortney, Cascade Communications,


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