What Does Google Want From Me?

Everyone who has a business on the Web seems to want their Web site to show up at the top of a Google search result. I want, I want, I want is all those poor folks at Google hear from business owners. LOL!!! But what about Google? What about their needs, what about their wants?

Believe it or not, Google wants all of us business owners out there with aspirations of showing up high in the search engine rankings, they want us to be most importantly focused on providing high quality content for the customer. They tell us to write our Web site content first and foremost for the customer, write for the search engines second. If we write with the customer’s needs in mind first, it will naturally follow that our search engine results will climb higher and higher.

How do you write for the consumer first?

  • You write with honesty and integrity.
  • You put what your company really does, not misleading text with the intent of tricking your way to the top of a search engine.
  • You consider how people are reading your content on a computer monitor and you have lots of white space. Because, on the Web, the more white space you have the easier it is on the eyes of the reader.
  • You intermix appropriate graphics with easily eye scan-able text.
  • You make sure all of your graphics have alt-tags that meet accessiblity standards.
  • You use <Headings> for your paragraphs.
  • Liberal use of bullet lists.
  • You change your content look occasionally with italic or bolded font.

When I do my Web site design consultations I tell folks there are two people you’re designing your Web site for, and one of those two is not you the owner.

Now is your time to share with us. Please and thank you in advance, please share with us what you feel are some customer friendly Web sites.


Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC, www.kcwebspecialists.com
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