Visitors vs. Conversions

How many people track visitors to their Web sites? The number is surprisingly high. Which then leads to statements like. I had over 1,900 visitors to my Web site last month. Wow, my Web site is doing great!! But wait a minute? My revenue last month didn’t go up. I spent all this money on … Continue reading

Tying together your business team…on a shoestring budget

Starting a business can feel like being an entire baseball team by yourself: while it’s possible to play all the positions, it’s not easy to do them all well, and it’s impossible to do them all at the same time. Yet that’s often what we’re trying to do, as we start new businesses without the … Continue reading

DIY Press Release Distribution: What Sticks, What Doesn’t

The #1 most important thing you have going for you, if you’re pursuing PR, is your story.  The second is how you distribute that information to the world.  Do you know what journalists you’re trying to reach, where your audience is getting news, what are your goals – numbers/eyeballs or stories?  These are all things … Continue reading

Come on Google, Give Us a Break!!!!

It gets a bit old talking about Google, but I had to relay an interesting statistic I read about a week ago. This stat comes directly from the folks at Google. They were asked during a recent national online conference call if there were any significant changes to their search algorithms this year. Their answer……Well, … Continue reading

The Isolation of the Entrepreneur

You’ve just had a really bad day. The client who was going to be your bread-and-butter for the next three months just lost their funding. Your recent marketing campaign has gotten zero responses. You have some ideas for growing your business, but you need to talk with someone unbiased about them – and your spouse … Continue reading

Your Essence Energy Is Essential to Your Business Success

When I first heard of the concept of “essence energy”, I was finally able to name the guiding force in my life and business I always knew existed. And when I heard the people I considered my business and marketing gurus pay so much attention to it, I knew it was important to listen. For … Continue reading

Why An Integrated Marketing Plan is Key to Building Your Business

Every day we’re bombarded by messages.  Recently my grocery store put in TVs at the checkout and in the produce department.  Not only am I suppose to be getting the latest celebrity news and recipes from hot chefs but I’m also absorbing all of the product placement ads.  There’s one thing that major companies have … Continue reading

SEM is Advertising You Get What You Pay For!

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is money paid to a company for advertising. It is an advertising expense. Consider your budget for SEM just as you would for radio ads, newspaper ads, or billboards. You pay a certain amount of money for a certain time of exposure and once the time period is over your advertising … Continue reading

First Step In PR Success is Knowing the Media

I am often surprised by the number of small business owners that don’t know where their customers get their news.  It is, after defining your demographic (read: customer), the most important thing you can do to be successful at generating PR.  So what do you do?  You start reading, listening and watching media.  In particular … Continue reading

Does Your Web Site Sell in 7 to 12 Seconds

A person is in Olathe, Kansas looking for a plumber. So they go to Google and type in, “plumbers in Olathe Kansas“. Hmmmmm, several million results!! So now they read the top links and start clicking down the list. What makes them stop their seaching and pick one plumber over the next? The answer is, a … Continue reading

Your Own Business Now: How to Make a Shift from Thinking and Talking About Starting Your Dream Business to Taking Action

Thinking and talking about your own dream business is definitely fun. It’s a safe way of playing a game My Dream Business. And that’s where a lot of people get stuck, some of them forever. So how do you create a shift from dreaming and fantasizing to planning and doing? These seven simple steps will … Continue reading

More Proof Why You Need to Make a Marketing Push Now!

  In reference to my last post on making a marketing push during economic down times, I wanted to post an excerpt from an industry marketing publication to re-itterate that other professionals will tell you to do the same (Just in case any of you thought that I was nuts for making the suggestion!).  This … Continue reading