Your Essence Energy Is Essential to Your Business Success

starry_nightWhen I first heard of the concept of “essence energy”, I was finally able to name the guiding force in my life and business I always knew existed. And when I heard the people I considered my business and marketing gurus pay so much attention to it, I knew it was important to listen. For all of us striving to build prosperous businesses based on integrity with our souls and hearts, this concept is the key.

Let me explain, the best I can, essence energy. Just like we have a unique genetic code, each of us has this special “energy code” specific only to our souls and life missions. It is our deepest passion and our core essence, our calling. It is a quality that makes us come alive, in vibrant colors, in oneness with the Universe. It fuels us. It is our connecting point to the Source. When we are using it in relating to the world, we are in our own element. When we express it, it connects easily with other people’s hearts and souls. It also could be, and often is, a treasure hidden behind our greatest life challenges, waiting to be discovered. Because it is also our biggest need and our key to self-evolution.

Your essence energy is the very core of you, the center of your being. It’s what makes you – YOU. And it is your greatest gift to the world. When you recognize it, you really recognize your own greatness, your own value. When you actively use it, you are 100% authentic. People see you for who you really are and they appreciate you for it. This is the energy that flows directly from your soul to their soul. This energy is why you are here on this Earth.

When you truly know and remember who you are in your very essence, and when you allow your essence to guide you to your highest good, all your life and business decisions become simpler. You know what you need to do and how because it feels good inside. And when you are in it, you come across as authentic, valuable, and needed. Your actions stemming from your essence energy get you in front of the people who are attracted to your quality and who need it in their lives. 

Here is the great part: When you are in your essence there is no competition. Only you have this specific quality to offer. Although your products or services might be similar to those offered by other people, your essence energy makes them unique and attractive to your perfect customers. When you are aware of your essence, you show it in every aspect of your business, so the right people see it and buy from you.

I encourage you to connect and name your essence energy. You might already know what it is or you might want to find out. If you follow the link below, you will find a helpful worksheet to guide you in defining your own essence energy:

Be sure to let me know how it worked for you!

Margaret Moczkowski

Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

Momentum Coaching

One Response to “Your Essence Energy Is Essential to Your Business Success”
  1. gamboa says:

    This is definitely a good read. Its really essential to be focus and one with your soul whether its personal or business decision. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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