Come on Google, Give Us a Break!!!!

googleIt gets a bit old talking about Google, but I had to relay an interesting statistic I read about a week ago. This stat comes directly from the folks at Google. They were asked during a recent national online conference call if there were any significant changes to their search algorithms this year.

Their answer……Well, we’ve made quite a few changes to our search algorithms this year. When pressed for an answer on the changes, they responded…it’s hard to pin down any one change that made a difference since we’ve made over 450 changes this year.
AGGGGGGGGGGhhhhhhhh 450 changes to the programming on how they rank Web sites in their search results. Give me a break!! I’m reading SEO stuff every day, and attending SEO conferences and trying to keep in tune with what needs to be done to have optimal rankings. 450 times?? Can’t you just please give us a dozen or so to try and figure out? 450???
Anyway, not to fret, most were minor programming logic changes, and the best, best, best thing you can do is continue to have a well written Web site that is written for your customer first, search engines second. Over time, with some help from an SEO expert, you can keep ahead of Google’s folly’s.

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