Visitors vs. Conversions

buy-now-button1How many people track visitors to their Web sites? The number is surprisingly high. Which then leads to statements like. I had over 1,900 visitors to my Web site last month. Wow, my Web site is doing great!! But wait a minute? My revenue last month didn’t go up. I spent all this money on advertising and I’m getting lots of visitors. Shouldn’t I be making more money? What’s going on?

While many people track the number of site visitors, they are not tracking the more important figure of Conversions. Conversions being, of those visitors, which one’s have contacted me or bought something from me?

I personally would rather have 10 visitors to my site with a 4:1 conversion rate than 100 visitors with a 100:0 conversion rate.

Look at your Web site home page and ask yourself, where on this page am I asking them to buy my product, call me, email me, fill out a contact me form. Is that message buried in paragraphs of text?

You may not like the visual aspects of it, but your Web site, in big letters, bright colors, advertising, it should be telling them to buy, call, contact you.

Is yours doing that?

Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC,
Experts in how business gets done on the Internet (913) 908.5642


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