2009 New Year’s Web Site Advice – Change Your Site!!

Do you want your Web site to show up in Google and Yahoo? Higher than your competitors? For the new year, why not institute a simple change management process for your site. You’ll be amazed at the results! This is not a complex process. Simply change a paragraph of text content on the home page … Continue reading

Leadership Styles – There’s More Than Just One!

Many managers mistakenly assume that leadership style is based on personality rather than choice. Instead of choosing the one style that suits their temperament, they should ask which style best addresses the demands of a particular situation. There are six basic leadership styles. Each derives from different emotional intelligence competencies, works best in particular situations, … Continue reading

Could Recession Be A Good Thing?

I was recently talking to a life-long girlfriend of mine and we reflected on how our greatest self-growth spurs happened in what we call “hard times”. I mean the times that felt uncertain, difficult, uncomfortable, when we didn’t know in what direction to turn, and when we felt we had to struggle with life. We … Continue reading

Spend your Website Dollars Wisely

Folks, if you have a limited Website budget, spend most of those limited dollars getting folks to your Website and not on your actual Website. Yes, you must make a good first impression, and yes you must provide the information they are looking for, but it is not necessary to have a Flashy Website to accomplish … Continue reading

How to Work With Friends and Family

OK – you’ve seen this before. You hired a friend because she needed a job and you had a position open. You reasoned that the personal relationship would make it easier because the trust was there and you’ve always liked her. Two months later, it’s a very different picture. Down the street, it’s a similar … Continue reading

Creative Marketing Saves Money, Drives Business

I’ve worked in marketing in some form or another for almost 15 years and have been the victim of economic down times (i.e. layoffs) because most companies see that as the first, most expendable part of their business.  But….they’re wrong! If you sit and think it really makes more sense to make a marketing push … Continue reading

Thriving Business in Recession

So it is an official recession, some even talk of depression. Whatever we call it, it’s here and we can feel its effects everywhere. Big corporations falling, small business owners worried, employees concerned about their jobs. Less people shopping in spite of cut retail prices at stores. So what’s a small business owner to do? … Continue reading

Running Your Business During an Economic Down Time

We’re in a recession, a deep one and neither the government nor the economists can say when it will end. I don’t have to tell you that business is tight and decision-makers are avoiding all but the most urgent and necessary purchases. One of the few people I know who’s business is booming is the … Continue reading

How To Get People to Join Your Online/eMail Newsletter

Here’s a very simple, easy way to get more names for your on-line newsletter. Assuming you are asking people on your Website to join your newsletter, consider this simple  way of adjusting the content around that field so more people actually sign up for your newsletter. Instead of the text around the field saying “Sign Up … Continue reading

The WHO and WHAT of Your Business

In order to be successful in your business you have to be very clear about your WHO and your WHAT. Simply put, your WHO is who you are helping, your WHAT is the problem you help them solve. In marketing terms your WHO is your Target Audience, your WHAT is your Message. The clarity on the … Continue reading

New Year, New News Opportunities

It’s hard to believe that 2009 is right around the corner and will be here in the blink of an eye, but it will and you need to start looking ahead to your PR campaign.  New years bring about new opportunities, trends and resolve.  While you may make a resolution to “stick to your PR plan” this … Continue reading