New Year, New News Opportunities

calendarIt’s hard to believe that 2009 is right around the corner and will be here in the blink of an eye, but it will and you need to start looking ahead to your PR campaign. 

New years bring about new opportunities, trends and resolve.  While you may make a resolution to “stick to your PR plan” this year, here are some steps to put in place now to ensure you will really accomplish positive press for your business this year:


  1. Consider the ways your business will grow and change this year.  Are there any new story angles for you can go after?
  2. Look at the calendar and see if there are any particular monthly/weekly observances you can tie in with (i.e. Breast Cancer Awareness Month)
  3. Outline your promotions for the year.  Are there PR opportunities here? 
  4. Write out your new story angles
  5. Make a list of new media to approach for your business (easier to stick to a Top 20 “wish list”)
  6. Build a timeline of your activities month by month to stay organized, motivated and encouraged to generate awareness.  Don’t overwhelm yourself.  Creating a timeline keeps tasks manageable.   More importantly you can denote media deadlines to ensure that you get information out in a timely fashion for consideration.
  7. Stick to your plan!!!  Remain determined to make it happen and it will come to fruition.
  8. Hire an expert.  If things are going well for you and 2009 looks bountiful, then consider outsourcing your PR functions to free up time you need to put towards everyday business functions.   Someone who can devote their time to generating PR for you can not only create the story opportunities for your business, but utilize their contacts, expertise and time to benefit YOU.

What are you planning to do with your PR in 2009?  Any unique tips and thoughts you’d like to share with readers?  Share them here.

Jennifer Fortney, Cascade Communications


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