Thriving Business in Recession

holdtheworldSo it is an official recession, some even talk of depression. Whatever we call it, it’s here and we can feel its effects everywhere. Big corporations falling, small business owners worried, employees concerned about their jobs. Less people shopping in spite of cut retail prices at stores.
So what’s a small business owner to do? You really have two choices here: listen to the news, get depressed, worry, see this recession as a black hole pulling you in or…
You can decide to accept what you are experiencing, learn from it, readjust your business and your attitude and strengthen your marketing efforts. It really boils down to this: Some businesses will fall, some will grow and thrive – in spite of recession. And what will make a difference is the owner’s attitude, their belief in success and a positive vision for the future. And what follows is their willingness to do whatever it takes to survive and thrive.
What can you do to cultivate the success attitude in the down times? I can suggest several things, pick the ones that resonate with you and would serve you well:
· Write out your success vision and connect with it daily before you start work. We attract things we think about. If you are spending your mental energy on worrying about the bad stuff that can happen to you and your business, you will get exactly that.
· Revisit your business and marketing plan (or create one if you don’t have it). The landscape has changed, things are not the same as they were even a few months ago. Old opportunities might be gone, new ones have emerged. Restate your goals and redecide how you are going to go after them.
· Commit to doing only those marketing and sales activities that produce results. If what you’ve been doing lately is not getting you where you want, you need a new plan of action. Decide on your core marketing activities and commit to spending a specific amount of time on weekly basis actually doing them. In other words, do whatever it really takes.
· Go on the “news diet” – reduce to minimum or to zero your exposure to bad economy news for a specific period of time, let’s say for a week. This is done so you can get some rest and renenergize yourself when you are preparing your new business approach. Believe me, you can live without news for a few days, the world will understand.
· Choose your success environment. This is guided by the same principle as the “news diet” – you become what you listen to. Choose to spend time only with people who share your enthusiasm and who add to your positive energy. If you have people in your life who drain you, limit your contact with them. You will do your business a favor and you might do them a favor by not affirming them in their doom and gloom outlook.
Recession or no recession, the world will go on. It’s your choice how you will participate in it.

Margaret Moczkowski

Business Coach for Entrepreneurs

Momentum Coaching


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