Could Recession Be A Good Thing?

free2I was recently talking to a life-long girlfriend of mine and we reflected on how our greatest self-growth spurs happened in what we call “hard times”. I mean the times that felt uncertain, difficult, uncomfortable, when we didn’t know in what direction to turn, and when we felt we had to struggle with life. We reflected on how if it weren’t for the hard times, we would not be where we are today. And we are both in a good place. The hard times pushed us out of our comfort zones; they forced us to discover our strengths, capabilities, resourcefulness, courage, and resolution. We came out changed, with new perspectives and new understanding. So we thanked the hard times for giving us opportunities to discover ourselves.

In my conversations with clients and friends I hear huge concerns about the recession. Business owners worry if and how it might impact their business, if clients will be as ready to spend their money, if the industry they are in will survive recession, if they will survive. There seems to be a growing sense of insecurity and apprehension. Knowing what I know about hard times, I’m not worried about recession. It will push some of us out of our comfort zones, it will make us adapt and find new ways of making money and maybe even force us into doing what we truly enjoy. It will teach us new things about our world and ourselves. We will come out wiser and with stronger trust in our own capabilities.

Today I invite you to open up to the gifts that recession might offer you. If you worry about not surviving in your industry, maybe it’s time to consider some big changes? If you worry about loosing some of your customers, maybe it’s time to think about expanding your sources of income by adding new products or services? Think how you and your business could blossom in the midst of recession. How will YOU adapt? How much wiser will YOU come out? Ask yourself these questions and if the answers are not showing up yet, don’t worry. I will quote after Andrea J. Lee: “Think of the questions you can’t answer yet as stimulants in your mind causing you to fire neurons you didn’t know you had. Like bits of sand in an oyster, those questions are the uncomfortable beginnings of new pearls of wisdom for you and your future”.

Be well.

Margaret Moczkowski/Certified Business Coach
Momentum Coaching

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