2009 New Year’s Web Site Advice – Change Your Site!!

more_moneyDo you want your Web site to show up in Google and Yahoo? Higher than your competitors? For the new year, why not institute a simple change management process for your site. You’ll be amazed at the results!

This is not a complex process. Simply change a paragraph of text content on the home page of your Web site once a month. Put in a tip of the month section, or a product coupon, or anything that makes sense for your business. But have it be something you can change every month. A good Web site developer can do this for you in about 15 minutes a month. If it’s a text change it should take 5 minutes a month.

Be sure to include the keywords in this paragraph for your Google search.
So take a little time early this year and think of ways you can make a simple monthly change to your Web site as a way to garner BIG results in Google and Yahoo.

How high do you want to go this year?

Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC. www.kcwebspecialists.com
Experts in how business gets done on the Internet (913) 908.5642

One Response to “2009 New Year’s Web Site Advice – Change Your Site!!”
  1. smallbizexperts says:

    I love this advice, so simple and doable. I will schedule it right now in my calendar to make those changes. Thank you! And have a great New Year!

    Margaret Moczkowski
    Personal Success Coach

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