Resolution: Be An Expert In Your Field


When you think of those in your industry who appear to be the most successful, how do you define it?  Did they write a book?  Are they a regular contributor in industry publications or local news?  Do they have a radio show or are repetitively asked to offer comments for media interviews?

Becoming an expert in your field is no easy task but it can offer a road to generating public relations for you and your business that will put you above and beyond your competitors.

Here are four steps to becoming an expert:

    • Differentiate yourself – this is key because if you are no different than anyone else, what do you have to offer?
    • Make yourself seen and heard within your industry
    • Position yourself as an expert through press materials and website
    • Generate PR – journalists often research experts through other media

      It doesn’t really matter what industry you’re in, you can set yourself apart from all others.  Making yourself different enough to be seen as an expert with a unique point-of-view takes real thought.  The process of becoming an expert takes time and energy, but it can become one of the most valuable PR strategies you embark on.

      Here’s to a prosperous 2009 for us all!

      Jennifer Fortney, Cascade Communications


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