BRAND: What’s in a name

What’s in a name, you ask?  EVERYTHING

The name of your company and the supporting statement  or positioning statement as we call it, should communicate immediately what your company is and what it has to offer.  To often I see business names that are established but I cannot tell what their business does.  For example I worked with a company that had their identity, name and logo as TPC.

This company had been in business for over 20  years.  The logo and identity name was an abbreviation of the company – TPC.  What is that?  Actually it stood for Tablecraft Products Company.  As I sat with the president of the company andlearned about their business, I found out that everyone referred to them as Tablecraft, which is truly representative of the product.

This company supplies restaurants with the hard goods for serving food – the salt and pepper shaker, the basket for fries and even the little dish that holds sugar packets.  There are many products they offer.  I was brought in to discuss the annual catalog for an update and I quickly pointed out the confusion of their identity and name.  In a down market we re-positioned the name, logo and catalog and sales went up.  Why?  Because people immediately recognized the business, its goods and services.

Take a minute to look at your brand identity.  Does it effectively communicate your business to customers?   You’d be amazed at a what a shift in logo design can do to invigorate sales.  It’s because if people don’t know right away what you do then they may never take the time to research and learn.  Like you they are busy business owners so you need to be direct about who you are and why they need to engaging your business.

Now is not the time to stop your marketing efforts, now is the time to work smarter.  You ask what’s in a name, every thing.  Make yours memorable, short and to the point and never underestimate the power of good design to help communicate your business to potential customers.

Julie Trotter Clark, JT Clark & Associates


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