Become a Catalyst

motivationIn networking, there are 3 kinds of people – those who wait and watch for things to happen, those who make things happen, and those who wonder what the heck just happened.

A catalyst is one who makes things happen. Without a catalyst, there is no spark and nothing much gets done.

There are 3 characteristics shared by catalytic people:

  1. Initiative – Catalytic people don’t sit still – they make things happen in all aspects of their lives. As networkers, catalytic people learn the goals of others in order to help people get where they wish to be.

  1. Confidence – Catalytic people have confidence in themselves and in the players on their team. Their confidence is contagious, and they tend to bring out the best in others.

  1. Motivation – Catalytic people are not only motivated themselves, but they can also motivate others to perform at their highest potential

Are you a catalyst in your networking world?

Michael Shapiro

Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc.

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