Media Have a Sense of Humor Too

I had to share this link, which received nation-wide exposure today on MSN.  It is (my) Chicago’s Very Own WGN-TV Noons at Nine, also available on the Superstation.   Hopefully, this will remind you that media have a sense of humor too and that we shouldn’t take the pursuit of achieving positive public relations too seriously … Continue reading

Sourcing External Advice to Grow Your Business

I was chatting to some friends of mine during the week about my “Growing the Family Business” post.  The conversation was about the fact that many small business owners simply don’t have the skills, or sometimes even the confidence, to interview and identify candidates that might be the right fit for their business.  In a … Continue reading

“PR Works” For Small Biz

PR Works – Episode 3 Posted using ShareThis Last week Lee Weinstein of “PR Works” radio interviewed me on my new site and what small businesses can do today to keep their businesses moving forward. Also included is Margaret Nathan of Strategic Communications.  The show is new and picking up steam with both those … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Write a Business Plan – Part One

You have a GREAT idea for a new business – one that you’re convinced will be the next BIG thing and your raring to go. But wait – an advisor you respect and trust has told you that you MUST have a Business Plan before you proceed. Do you listen to her? Here are my … Continue reading

Growing the Family Business – Outsiders or Intergenerational?

When a small family business finds itself in growth mode, or at least with aspirations of growth, a common mistake is often made that hinders any growth altogether:  the mistake of automatically placing someone in the family lineage in charge of driving the company forward.  It might be the up-and-coming prodigal son who’s been earmarked … Continue reading

Point in Case for Crisis Planning

It’s SO SAD but a chance for me to reiterate why you need to plan for a crisis. It took her almost a year to replace her beloved Sophie.  When Oprah was finally ready she went to a highly respected no-kill organization in Chicago called PAWS, where she adopted two adorable blonde cocker spaniel puppies.  … Continue reading

Are You Prepared for The Worst? Crisis Planning Key For All Businesses

We’ve all seen how the news media react to toy and food recalls, even local restaurants with, uhm, pest problems.  The truth is that every business, regardless of your size, should be prepared for the “worst case scenario”.   It can happen anytime, anyplace anywhere and how you manage the situation can determine whether or not … Continue reading

Social Media? Argggggggggghhhhh!!!

As a professor at the college, and in my day to day travels, I get asked about Linked-In, Twitter, Plaxo, and a myriad of other online networking sites at least once a day. The general feeling is one of overwhelming confusion. So here’s a simple piece of educated advice on the topic.   Small business owners who … Continue reading

Making Time to Network

If you consider yourself serious about growing your business through networking, you should ask yourself: 1. How much time will I dedicate to networking each week? 2. What % of my marketing budget will I dedicate to word of mouth? 3. How many meals each week will I eat with someone else? 4. How many … Continue reading

Business Growth in a Down Turn

Back in January, Jennifer had some great tips on growing and thriving in 2009.  I want to revisit one of the main points she raised and a message I’m continually delivering to my small and medium business clients:  You CAN create new opportunities, outperform your competitors and grow your business in this economic climate.  You … Continue reading

Choosing Your Legal Structure

Have you revisited your legal structure lately?  Most business owners start out a a sole proprietorship because it is the easiest entity to operate.  However, after putting some thought and consideration into the different options, many change their structure.  There are a number of different structures that may be more suitable, including S-corporation, LLC, C-corporation, … Continue reading

Free Press Release Webinar

For all of you who find that your press releases are getting you no where, either because it sounds more like sales copy or you just can’t figure out how to put your story together, this is a great opportunity to get some advice: “Happy News Release Resolutions,”by Business Wire Wednesday, March 11, 2009 at … Continue reading

Small Business Daily Welcomes New Contributors

Small Business Daily has been a busy little bee making changes and enhancing content to meet your needs.  It’s a crazy time for everyone.  We know what you’re interested in reading more about and we’ve set out to make it happen.   Our goal has always been to provide you with all the highest quality of … Continue reading

Saving Money With A Web Site

Simple, simple advice for anyone giving forms, sales literature or other printed materials to their existing clients. Save money by directing them to your Web site to get the materials. Put all your stuff out their as forms for them to download and print off. This gives the impression of convenience and great customer service. … Continue reading