Small Business Daily Welcomes New Contributors

attentionsignSmall Business Daily has been a busy little bee making changes and enhancing content to meet your needs.  It’s a crazy time for everyone.  We know what you’re interested in reading more about and we’ve set out to make it happen.   Our goal has always been to provide you with all the highest quality of information you need to start, run and grow a business, and this is yet another step.

The first part of this development is the introduction of two new contributors:

Brian Fons, President, Corporate Creations Chicago, LLC – knows the law, small business and the Chicago Cubs.   Got questions about trademark?  Copyright?  Should you incorporate or LLC?  His posts will surely answer all of your small business legal questions.  Plus, he’s just a nice guy!

Clayton Moulynox, Managing Director, Evolve IT – is our token Aussie who we look very much forward to hearing a great deal from.  He offers great insights into business growth and an international perspective that we’ve been missing and know many of you are interested in.  We may rope him into some other assignments as well, but we don’t want to drive him away too quickly.

We will soon have their bios and photos up on “The Experts”, but until then we invite you to check out their websites to learn more.

As always, we enjoy hearing from you, our readers.  You drive our content and your feedback is essential and valuable to us all.  Got ideas on topics?  Share ’em!  Email:
Be well,

Jennifer Fortney, Cascade Communications and “Editor-in-Chief” (of some sort) of Small Business Daily

One Response to “Small Business Daily Welcomes New Contributors”
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