Making Time to Network

power-nwIf you consider yourself serious about growing your business through networking, you should ask yourself:

1. How much time will I dedicate to networking each week?

2. What % of my marketing budget will I dedicate to word of mouth?

3. How many meals each week will I eat with someone else?

4. How many new people do I want to meet each week?

5. What other methods will I use to generate new business?

  • Cold calls – For most people, the term cold call is 2 four-letter words…

  • Advertising – Expensive and difficult to define a ROI
  • Public Relations – Frequently PR is unpredictable with little control over what gets printed and when.
  • Networking – Many experts believe you should plan your networking activities just as you plan any other aspect of your business.

The key is to be able to apply metrics to always know where you’re at in achieving your goals.

How much time you devote to networking varies but conventional wisdom and many experts believe it’s between 20 – 27% each week – yes that’s about 8+ hours per week.

Commit to spending enough time networking each week and you will quickly see the results as you move into the elite group of master-networkers.

Michael Shapiro

Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc.

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