Point in Case for Crisis Planning

cockerspanielIt’s SO SAD but a chance for me to reiterate why you need to plan for a crisis.

It took her almost a year to replace her beloved Sophie.  When Oprah was finally ready she went to a highly respected no-kill organization in Chicago called PAWS, where she adopted two adorable blonde cocker spaniel puppies.  Sadly, just days after sharing her exciting news with the world, one of the precious pups died from a virus.

Can you imagine?  First the heartbreak but then being the organization receiving national, even international, press regarding the adoption and now this sad news.   This could be devastating for PAWS’ public perception and positioning as a credible expert in caring for animals and adopting healthy ones out.  How the organization deals with this situation (heartbreaking for everyone) will determine how they come out the other side.   Yesterday they put out a statement for a Chicago Tribune article.  It’s general and one I’m sure will be distributed to cover many media inquiries, but it’s something and it’s proactive and covers everything I mentioned Monday.   I will be interested to see what they do next and if they will continue to be proactive in their approach.

So, case in point from my post this week on planning for a crisis.  It can happen anytime to anyone and in any way.  While I feel many people will have great sympathy for everyone involved, it’s still not the kind of PR you hope for when Oprah, media mogul and most recognized woman in the world, is supporting your organization.  I’m sure there will be no hard feelings, but then again it’s a unique situation.  You and your business/organization cannot hope to be so lucky.

Get crackin’ on that crisis plan!

Jennifer Fortney, President, Cascade Communications and Publisher, Small Biz PR Made Easy

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