Website Budget versus Marketing Budget?

This is going to be a relatively short post, but one that hopefully inspires some long thoughts on the topic. A Website should complement your marketing plan, a Website by itself is not a marketing plan. With that said……. In my humble opinion, when you are budgeting for a Website, always spend more time and money … Continue reading

SBD Welcomes New Finance Contributor, Rosemary Peavler

We at Small Business Daily are excited to welcome Finance expert Rosemary Peavler as a new contributor.  Her background and experience is unrivaled.   “My finance background is pretty broad – corporate, small business, investments, entrepreneurial finance………you name it, I’ve probably written about it and studied it!” As the writer/editor/producer for the small business finance website … Continue reading

Corporate Mishap is Small Business Lesson, Part I

This year has seen employees’ ability to negatively effect their employer through Twitter, YouTube, etc. It’s important for small businesses to remember that they are not immune from these same things happening, but… how you deal with it will determine the impact on customer perception Here’s a good brief read from “Bulldog Reporter”, a PR … Continue reading

What You Might Learn From An Exit Interview

Want to hear unfiltered feedback about your company? Try using an Exit Interview. This exit survey focuses on the issues that come into play when an employee decides to leave a company. The survey will help employers understand the factors that are involved. It focuses on issues dealing with the manager, job, and overall satisfaction. … Continue reading

Business Contracts

Last week, we talked about the contracts you enter into when purchasing your house. In the business world, you life fills up with contracts very quickly. If you own your own business, the biggest contract you will enter into will likely involve the space in which you operate. That will be a lease or purchase … Continue reading

Think Outside the Box For Marketing Success

People often ask me what my number one tip for small businesses is and that is: DIFFERENTIATE your company in every way Some of you might ask “why?  Things are going well for me right now.  If it ain’t broke….”  Well, my answer to that is the same as the one many of the experts … Continue reading

Small Business Don’t Twitter your Time Away!

Here a Twitter, There a Twitter, Everywhere a Twitter, Twitter.  Twitter “comments” seems to be everywhere don’t they? So before I actually talk about what Twitter is, maybe the first step is to consider how did you actually hear about Twitter. Did you see it on the news mentioned about Twittering a huge event like … Continue reading

Top 10 Most Common Mistakes that Entrepreneurs Make

No Business Plan – If you rely on instinct to guide your business instead of a written plan, you’re headed for trouble. A plan helps you see where your company is, where it’s going, why and how you’re doing along the way. 2. No Sales Plan – Without a sales plan, you lack the ability … Continue reading

Contracts: Part II

Now that you are familiar with the elements of a contract, let’s take a some time to learn about some contracts that exist in the real world that you see on a regular basis. Your home. If you are an owner, there were several contracts that we created during the purchase. The first is the … Continue reading

Make a Good Interview and Drive More Media

So, you want to get PR for your business or organization but are you prepared to be a “good interview”?  It’s not enough to secure opportunities with media to drive business, you also have to be prepared to do a good interview; one that can lead to additional stories. For me, there’s nothing better than … Continue reading

Four Ways To Determine If a Candidate Is a Good Fit For Your Company

Wouldn’t it be nice to ask one question that uncovers at least four areas of your candidate’s general personality, giving you an idea of their overall behaviors, traits and values? Well, you can. On your next interview, guide the conversation towards personality and ask, “Tell me about a time when a co-worker gave you advice.” … Continue reading

Small Business Tips and Radio Show to Hear

Are you looking for tips and ideas to marketing your business?  Well, on top of managing our client work we found time to take part in a radio show that every small business should listen to on BlogTalkRadio – Strategic Growth Concepts and how PR can grow your business.  Plus, our pal at The Toilet … Continue reading

Turning Your Idea in to a Business – Fast!

How many of us are full of great business ideas?  I know I am.  Laying in bed late at night I’ve solved global problems and brought to market cutting edge products and services – all in my head.  Without so much as a fleeting thought about a real plan, I’m already dreaming of the luxury … Continue reading

How Do Blogs Make My Company Money?

A blog can your increase your business in one or a combination of primarily three ways. 1. You get a huge following to your blog and people wonder about who the author is and what they do. Their curiosity leads them to click on your “About Us” page on the blog. From there, if you … Continue reading

What is a contract?

When most people think of contracts, they picture a multi-page document that is written on 8 1/2 x 14 paper and virtually unreadable because it is filled with “legalease”. While many contracts have those qualities, they are by no means required. A contract can be written on a cocktail napkin, created by a series of … Continue reading

Quarterly Revenue Planning

It’s the beginning of a new quarter – the last of the financial year for most businesses here in Australia.  So in the last few days I completed my usual start-of-quarter routine:  Setting revenue objectives.  I thought I’d share this relatively simple process with you because I find it extremely useful in identifying areas I … Continue reading