Turning Your Idea in to a Business – Fast!

Turn your idea in to a business

How many of us are full of great business ideas?  I know I am.  Laying in bed late at night I’ve solved global problems and brought to market cutting edge products and services – all in my head.  Without so much as a fleeting thought about a real plan, I’m already dreaming of the luxury holidays in any one of my portfolio of beach-side mansions worldwide as I bank my first $100 million.

Then I wake up in the morning, have a realisation that I lack either the time, cash or skill sets (sometimes all 3!) and figure it’s all a bit too hard – until today when I discovered a business that helps you find people with the time and skills to help transform your idea in to a reality without any upfront cash required!

Web Equity promotes itself as a platform for collaborative business development where members are rewarded through revenue sharing and/or an equity share in the new venture they help develop.  Admittedly, the model is really only targeted at online business ideas, but I can’t see any reason why it couldn’t work for offline business too.

Unlike other popular pay-as-you-go outsourcing sites, such as Elance and Rentacoder, Web Equity is likely to facilitate long term mentoring type business relationships between entrepreneurs willing to risk their time and effort for ongoing rewards.  Speaking for myself, I would much prefer sharing my ideas and investment in time with others to discover if some of my little web business ideas could actually have some merit behind them.  The alternative is to never know.

So stop sitting on that great idea about a website that could make you millions – using a tool like Web Equity for external expertise can see your idea realised faster than you think and you share the rewards with those that helped you.  As the founder of Web Equity says himself, “it’s more important to get an idea realised than it is to protect it and the best way of doing that is to rely on associates with specific areas of expertise.”

Web Equity currently lists projects and people in Australia, USA, Canada and the UK.  Do you know of other collaborative based websites out there that offer this sort of service to realise and grow a business idea?

Clayton Moulynox – Evolve IT Australia
We fix business problems, not computer problems –  Develop, Solve, Evolve.

One Response to “Turning Your Idea in to a Business – Fast!”
  1. I support your point that the best way of running a successful business is to rely on associates with specific areas of expertise. They will infuse their expertise and experience into proposals and help people in buying, starting or owning a business in a safe and secure way.
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