Small Business Tips and Radio Show to Hear

Are you looking for tips and ideas to marketing your business?  Well, on top of managing our client work we found time tips1to take part in a radio show that every small business should listen to on BlogTalkRadio – Strategic Growth Concepts and how PR can grow your business.  Plus, our pal at The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur included us in over 100 tips for small businesses. These are both worth checking out!

BlogTalkRadio – Using PR to Grow Your Business The show runs about 90 minutes, but I promise it’s totally worth it. I was joined by two other extraordinary women on this panel.

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur – 115 Marketing Strategies for Small Business Jennifer Fortney is mentioned as #49.  But that’s just a number and happy to be included.  There’s so much good stuff here, you can’t afford not to read it!  You will definitely find some new ideas to pursue for your business.

And by the way, I know that we’ve yet to find someone to answer all of your tax questions (I’m working on it) but I did come across something that you might be interested in as the clock ticks it’s way down to……April 15th, aka TAX DAY.  For all of you procrastinators, check out the Internet’s easiest FREE online bookkeeping service.

And while you’re at it, send us the marketing strategies that have worked for your business, and inspire others during this economic time.

Jennifer Fortney, Cascade Communications and


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