The #1 Thing You Can Do to Make Google Love Your Web Site

Do you want Google to love your Web site? There’s things we as Web developers can do to your site to help with that, but there’s one really huge thing we cannot do. And it’s probably one of the most important things Google wants.  One of the biggest things Google looks at when determining where it’s … Continue reading

Enhance Customer Experience to Win Business in the Down Turn

In a down turn, large businesses slash staff which often leads to poorer customer service – for the small business owner it’s easier than ever to win over these disgruntled customers and increase your market share. It’s a massive advantage to be a small business in this current economic climate.  Small businesses are generally more … Continue reading

Buried in Resumes…

One might think that filling a job vacancy in this economy is a piece of cake – so many people out of work – how hard could it be? Well… a client called the other day from Salt Lake City. He needed to replace an IT Director who left suddenly due to a bad accident. … Continue reading

What’s Up With the Economy?

Every day, we hear all these economic statistics thrown around. How do they affect our small businesses? We are particularly focused on small business this week as it is National Small Business Week. Today, for example, there was a new release by the Federal Reserve. It didn’t contain very good news. The Fed now believes … Continue reading

Be Insightful to Grow Your Small Business.

A few years ago I was conversing with someone older and wiser than I.  We were discussing some issues with the technology industry in general when, in response to one of my comments, this senior executive said to me “actually, that’s a great point – it’s very insightful”. Immediately I knew what she meant because … Continue reading

Summit Takes Look at Future of PR, News Media

If you’re interested in knowing how the future of journalism and PR is changing, here is a great piece and synopsis of a pros conference.   It impacts small business as much as corporations, but also means that small business has the same opportunities as big business with big marketing budgets.  Creativity will go a long … Continue reading

Amending Your Agreement

Because a business is a living thing, it is often necessary to amend your operating agreement or shareholder agreement. Many people think that once it is in place, the members are bound by what they initially agreed to. That is not the case. Your agreement is entirely internal to the company so any changes need … Continue reading

Can Your Company Pass a Human Capital Stress Test?

Recently the Federal Government required many of the country’s biggest banks to assess the viability of the capital the banks held. One of the reasons the Fed did this was to evaluate the processes and systems in place surrounding their assets. For a bank, cash is their lifeblood. So what does this have to do … Continue reading

Don’t Rely on your IT Guy

My heading might appear to be a strange statement to make considering I run an IT company.  But I stand by it.  Let me explain:  Many small businesses I come across are initially hesitant to meet with me or my staff.  “But we already have an IT guy”, they declare.  And indeed they do;  It’s … Continue reading

Small Businesses Who Use Credit Cards Protected By New Legislation

Small businesses have been forced to use business credit cards during the recession to pay their bills and add to their capital needs since funding from banks has been virtually non-existent. There is good news and bad news about business credit cards and small business finance. First, the good news. The U.S. House of Representatives … Continue reading

Bowl of Spaghetti Theory Wastes Time and Focus for Small Biz

There are so many ways to market your business today, mostly thanks to the Internet.  Chris Nastav has made some great points on Small Business Daily about many of these online networking opportunities and, I agree, that many have become quite a fad.  One that has some business owners spending hours a day simply managing … Continue reading

Effective Delegation in Six (Almost) Easy Steps

Delegation is more than just a way of getting people to do things for you. It is also a powerful leadership and coaching tool. When used properly, delegation enables you to increase productivity and profitability, improve morale and increase retention. Perhaps most important for overworked and overstressed entrepreneurs, it allows you to enjoy professional success … Continue reading

Watch Your Cash Flow – Especially in the Recession

The number one reason small businesses fail is because they don’t keep a sharp eye on their financial statements and fail to manage their cash flow. If you want to thrive in this recession as a small business owner, the best strategy you can employ is to manage  your cash flow. In order to manage … Continue reading

Shareholder Agreements

If you have a business partner, the most important document you have will be called a shareholder agreement or operating agreement (for LLC’s). The Shareholder agreement is a contract that you have that governs the relationship you have with your business partner(s). This is an absolute “MUST HAVE” for anyone who decides to go into … Continue reading

How Well do You Listen?

Listening skills are an essential prerequisite to any business relationship. Are you a good listener? What do good listeners do that makes them good listeners?                                 They probe for clarification. They listen for a story, and for unvoiced emotions. They empathize. They summarize well. They get rid of distractions while listening. They keep the client talking … Continue reading