How Well do You Listen?

Listening skills are an essential prerequisite to any business relationship. Are you a good listener?

What do good listeners do that makes them good listeners?                                 listening

  • They probe for clarification.
  • They listen for a story, and for unvoiced emotions.
  • They empathize.
  • They summarize well.
  • They get rid of distractions while listening.
  • They keep the client talking by asking for more details that help them understand.
  • They look (not stare) at the client as the client speaks.
  • They encourage by nodding their head or giving a slight smile.
  • They ask how they might be of help.
  • They are aware of and control their body movement (they don’t move around, shake their legs, fidget with objects, etc.)

On the other hand, good listeners don’t:

  • Interrupt.
  • Respond too soon.
  • Editorialize in midstream.
  • Jump to conclusions.
  • Judge the speaker.
  • Try to solve the problem too quickly.
  • Take calls or interruptions in the course of a meeting.

Can you improve your listening skills?

Michael Shapiro, Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc.


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