Top 10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Know They Exist…

Try these to show your employees you know they exist… Know their name – as well as their spouse or partner and kids. Say “Good morning …” and “Goodbye…” when you pass them in the hall or by their desk. Compliment an employee on a job well done and tell them what made it so. … Continue reading

How’s Your EI

There are five components to emotional intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill. Self-management skills 1. Self-awareness. Emotional intelligence begins with this trait. People with a high degree of self-awareness know their weaknesses and aren’t afraid to talk about them. Someone who understands that she works poorly under tight deadlines, for example, will work … Continue reading

Why You Can DIY PR

There’s a reason why I’m in business and that’s because I can offer extremely affordable PR strategies for small businesses, and this is how I’ve grown over the years.  It’s also led me to other business ventures.  However, as much as the economy appears to be on the up entrepreneurs and small business owners are … Continue reading

What’s Your Style?

Most effective leaders have several leadership or management styles they use, based on the situation. Daniel Goleman, the prolific writer on Emotional Intelligence, has looked closely at the various styles over the years. His research found that leaders use six styles, each springing from different components of emotional intelligence. Here is a summary of the … Continue reading

Marketing Failing? Rethink How You Deliver Company Messages

It seems that lately I’ve been talking to a lot of people about their marketing and it’s failure for a company.  Marketing is a science and one that every small business owner must really, truly understand before pursuing.  The reason that people like me actually get a degree in this stuff is so that we … Continue reading

Getting started in your business…

Or Don’t Spend a Dollar When a Dime Will Do – Starting small is a slower path, but it’s also a safer way of building both a sustainable business and a long career as an entrepreneur. Plenty of well-known companies have started small. Space inside Kinko’s first store was reportedly so tight that founder Paul … Continue reading

Be Prepared for Anything When It Comes to Media Interviews

You’ve written the press release, pitched media your story and now a journalist wants to interview you.  The story could be a feature on you and your business or it could be a trend story a journalist is considering including you in.  Either way, much like you would for a job interview, you have to … Continue reading