Why You Can DIY PR

DIYThere’s a reason why I’m in business and that’s because I can offer extremely affordable PR strategies for small businesses, and this is how I’ve grown over the years.  It’s also led me to other business ventures.  However, as much as the economy appears to be on the up entrepreneurs and small business owners are still looking for ways to save money to ensure the longevity of their business during this time.

I’m here to tell you that you can do PR yourself for your business!!

The trick is finding a resource to really teach you how to do PR, what it is and how it works.  There are a number of books and e-books out there and that might be a great fit for you, but I highly recommend researching the product before buying or seeing if a free trial is available.   I also suggest researching the expert behind the product to make sure they really know what they’re talking about.  Some books and e-books can simply be 200-pages that become overwhelming.

Trust me, there are a lot of people out there who think they know how to do PR.  Chances are they got thrown into PR at some point and had some success and have now come up with an idea to sell you their “so called expertise” at an unwarranted high price.  What you need is an affordable option from an expert you feel you trust.

This might be shameless promotion, but this is why I launched SmallBizPRMadeEasy.com.  I saw what was out there and realized there was nothing like what I wanted to do – 52-week course, if you will, that provides members with every bit of information I have, experience, templates, tips and advice along with interviews with media all for $37 a month.  Plus you can ask questions and get a consulting package to walk you through.  It’s like an angel on your shoulder.  You couldn’t get a professional like me for that total price for a month!

The real keys to your success at achieving PR on your own is not just educating yourself but making the commitment to public relations.  Marketing your business takes a lot of time.  To do it successfully you really have to dedicate time each day to focus on it.  That’s another reason why I suggest finding a program that doesn’t overwhelm you.   Instead you need to find a tool that offers you some support so you don’t feel like you’re out there on your own.

Believe it or not, once you really gain a solid understanding of PR you can do it yourself, you will be motivated and excited to make it happen, especially once you get that first media story on your business!!

Here are some things to consider about DIY PR:

  • Make a commitment to learn all you can about public relations
  • Dedicate time each day to focus on PR and marketing
  • Find a program, book, e-book, etc. that you feel 100% confident will give you the support you need
  • Make sure the program you choose teaches you how to write a press release (develop your press kit materials) in AP Style
  • Write out your story ideas, or stories – opportunities and angles you foresee will attract media attention
  • i – Read, watch and listen to locate opportunities for your business.  This is where you should make your first splash, building relationships with local media that might come back to you as a valued resource resulting in additional PR opportunities.  Once you do this then you can begin looking at national media
  • Remember that achieving public relations for your business requires patience, perseverance and persistence. PR doesn’t necessarily happen overnight.  Most DIYers fail/stop because they become frustrated with this reality and lose opportunities altogether.

If you are pursuing DIY PR, email me your questions and I will answer them for you here.

Jennifer Fortney, Cascade Communications and SmallBizPRMadeEasy.com, Follow me on Twitter for daily tips and advice @SmallBizPRXpert


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