Top 10 Ways to Show Your Employees You Know They Exist…

Try these to show your employees you know they exist…employees

  1. Know their name – as well as their spouse or partner and kids.
  2. Say “Good morning …” and “Goodbye…” when you pass them in the hall or by their desk.
  3. Compliment an employee on a job well done and tell them what made it so.
  4. Know your employee’s hobby or outside interest.
  5. Invite them out for coffee or lunch and only talk about work a part of the time.
  6. Know your employee’s birthday. – HR has it – and acknowledge it.
  7. Offer some additional outside training such as a workshop or class.
  8. Send out an internal newsletter or e-mail giving credit for a job done exceptionally well.
  9. Know what your employee’s career goals are and if possible, provide a career path that tracks it.
  10. Ask your employee(s) for input. You may not utilize it but simply having asked goes a long way.

Your employees are one of your most valuable, and difficult to replace assets. Making some of these examples part of your culture will help communicate, authentically, that you value them. Any by the way, only one of the above items costs any money.

Michael Shapiro,  Dynamic Management Solutions, Inc.


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