The Hype Around Windows 7: What Does it Really Mean for My Small Business?

I have just returned from the Microsoft World Partner Conference in New Orleans.  It’s fair to say there is a lot of excitement brewing around Microsoft’s new desktop operating system, Windows 7 (it’s still in release candidate, you can’t actually buy the final product yet).  However, I’m pleased to say it isn’t just Microsoft blowing … Continue reading

Amateur Journalists May Not Recognize Ethics of Journalism

I came across this article today and felt it important to share. When I graduated journalism school I took a code of ethics as a journalist and publicist.  However, the dynamic of journalism has changed greatly and more and more every people are becoming “amateur journalists” starting blogs, and becoming thought leaders amongst key audiences. … Continue reading

Seven Tips for Avoiding Costly Payroll Problems

Guest Post By Michael Alter, President of SurePayroll It’s no secret that small business owners are busy.  That’s why payroll and other administrative tasks, though important, are often done quickly or pushed off until the last minute in favor of more pressing items. Although these tasks often end up on the bottom of a business … Continue reading

Recommended Reading for SMB

Just a collection of some valuable online stories that all small business owners should read.  I picked up this collection through Twitter. Three Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog Free Apps for Monitoring Your Brand on Social Media Six Laws of Small Business Advertising Twitter Tips for Small Business Why Your Business Needs a Policy … Continue reading

Top 10 Business Books That Have Influenced Me

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell Primal Leadership by Daniel Goleman More Than a Motorcycle by Tich Teerlink and Lee Ozley Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Ram Charan and Charles Burck Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap… and Others Don’t by Jim Collins The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick … Continue reading

Online Press Room: One Stop Shop for Media

Last week I talked about the importance of SEO not just for your website but also your press releases (and distributing them online).  I will reiterate why this is important – so that people, especially journalists, can find you online! Remember this one thing, which I want to re-enforce, and I’m sure that Chris Nastav, … Continue reading

Top 10 Reasons To Start Your Business In A Down Economy

Everything is cheaper – From raw materials to real estate, these are the lowest prices you’ll see. You can hire more and better-qualified people – Obviously… People are looking to change suppliers if they can find one offering a better product or service for a lower price. Ownership equals tax incentives related to business deductions … Continue reading

How the Internet Can Up Your Chances of Generating PR

The Internet has done great things for our lives.  Seriously, think about waking up tomorrow without it!  Not only has it allowed us the opportunity to find news and information, resources and more, it’s given little stores across the world the chance to have customers around the world.  We’re no longer tied to doing business … Continue reading

Twitter and the Bottom Line for a Service Business

Hey folks, cynical Sam here. Still looking for a answer to a question that has yet to yield a simple answer. Q. Can I use Twitter or any online social media to improve the bottom line of my “Local Service” business? A. So far as I can discern, no one has positive proof that I can. What … Continue reading

How to Know You Need a Better Way to Manage Customer Information

In my last post I discussed ways that small businesses can utilise technology solutions to enhance their customer experience.  One of those enhancements was around storing and tracking your customer information.  I see lots of small businesses using Excel spreadsheets or their basic accounting system, like MYOB or Quickbooks, as the main database for customer information.  … Continue reading