Can’t Afford PR? New Org. Offers National Network of Pro Bono Pros

Several months ago I saw a listing on LinkedIn for public relations pros, like myself, who are interested in giving back by offering their skills and services to organizations that can’t afford PR at no cost.  The organization is I Should Be In The News and I must confess that I am such a believer … Continue reading

How Social Media Impacts PR Success

I was talking with a girlfriend of mine, and fellow business owner, last week and she began asking me several questions about social media.  She seemed completely and utterly overwhelmed about our conversation.  Then I told her: “This is part of our future and here to stay.  Even if you have an assistant manage social … Continue reading

How to Buy Technology: 3 Tips for SMBs

Thanks to one of  my Twitter friends, I came across a great article written by Nick Saalfeld of the True Business blog titled “How to buy technology”.  Nick is both a journalist and a small business owner and manages to succinctly summarise in one article what I, and many of my colleagues, have been advising to small and medium … Continue reading

Free Learning Tools to Make Your Business More Tech Savvy

It’s astounding how many fantastic free resources are made available by some of the big technology vendors out there.  It’s even more astounding to discover how many people fail to utilise, or even know about, these resources! So in this post, let me introduce you to a couple of resources you never knew about.  These … Continue reading

We’re Looking for a Few Good Contributors

Are you a small business expert in taxes/finance, franchising, hiring and managing employees, copyright/trademark and other law-related issues and more? We’re looking to add more long-term contributors to Small Business Daily, including guest posts, so contact us! Jennifer Fortney

Why Video is Key to Your PR Campaign

Thanks to YouTube video has become an integral part of our everyday world online.  In fact, I wasn’t all too surprised that my former corporate video class in college has been morphed into an online video/news class.  That means that tomorrow’s PR pros and journalists are focusing their efforts to creating video and telling stories … Continue reading

When Good Enough Will Do: The “MP3 Effect”

I read a very interesting article in this month’s Wired magazine (which can also be found online) about the “MP3 effect”; i.e. the current trend towards cheap and simple being good enough. It’s been coined the “MP3 effect” because MP3s are a classic example of the principle in practice: Digital music files have become popular … Continue reading

Small Business Daily Delivered Direct to Your Inbox

We’ve made it even easier for you to access the latest posts from Small Business Daily – subscribe by email and have them delivered to your inbox! Just click on the link under the heading “Subscribe by email” on the right hand sidebar, enter your email address and validate your subscription when you receive the … Continue reading

Keep Track of Projects and Improve Customer Service in Your Small Business

Over the past few months I’ve written several posts about enhancing customer experience and managing customer information.  I recently came across this great article by Andrew Brook-Holmes of Microsoft UK which follows the same theme.  His article gives some great practical advice on using technology available to most small businesses in response to this question from a small business … Continue reading

How Do I Get People To Read My Online Newsletter?

As I now approach two years of writing newsletters, I’m finding that about 43% of the people I send them to, on average, open and read them. And, about 25% of those who read them, click the links that I occasionally put in them as well. With that said, those that know me well, know that I always want to … Continue reading

10 Must Have Elements for A Great Press Release

It doesn’t often surprise me that individuals doing their own PR struggle with one thing -writing the press release. Think about it…I had an entire class, three credits, one semester long devoted to writing press releases, and DIYers are left to figure it out for themselves. First things first, though….You must determine what your story … Continue reading