Keep Track of Projects and Improve Customer Service in Your Small Business

Over the past few months I’ve written several posts about enhancing customer experience and managing customer information.  I recently came across this great article by Andrew Brook-Holmes of Microsoft UK which follows the same theme.  His article gives some great practical advice on using technology available to most small businesses in response to this question from a small business owner: 

“In order to be as paperless as possible, our five employees use Office Outlook as our customer information folder. Alongside customer contact details, we enter all the details of projects sent to us in the form of PDFs by our main supplier of work. We then add our spreadsheets, call logs, photos, copies of communications, scanned reports such as electrical certificates, and so forth. Can you advise us if this method is capable of holding all this information long-term, or will it one day overload and stop working?”

Sound like a familiar scenario?  Check out Andrew’s advice here.

Clayton Moulynox – Evolve IT Australia
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