Why Video is Key to Your PR Campaign

Thanks to YouTube video has become an integral part of our everyday world online.  In fact, I wasn’t all too surprised that my former corporate video class in college has been morphed into an online video/news class.  That means that tomorrow’s PR pros and journalists are focusing their efforts to creating video and telling stories online.  So why wait until tomorrow?  You need to look at building a video campaign now.

My clients often ask me what the importance of online video is to their business or organization.  Think of it this way, when you go to a restaurant and the chef comes out or the owner of the shop helps you personally you feel great!  Why?  Because these people are perceived as individuals that we want to know.  They make us feel important.  One of the first things I see people do is tell all of their friends how the restaurant owner came out to talk to them and maybe even offered them a complimentary dessert.  What happens?  You’re going to go back.  They’re building relationships with you to promote return business.

The same goes for today’s hottest CEOs.  Anyone can go online and suddenly have the CEO of Sprint, Sun Microsystems and the like in your own home.   it makes it persona to you the customer and makes CEOs appear “touchable”, human.  Everyday people perceive that they are building an intimate relationship with top corporate leaders.  Now, small business has the opportunity to do the same.  Here’s a great example.

Here’s why you need to add a video component to your PR/marketing campaign:

  1. Engage and connect with customers: Video allows people to “meet” you and in turn they’ll feel they know you.
  2. Because customers feel they “know” you they are more apt to be loyal to your business: customers want to have a relationship with you.  Give them a positive experience and they will become long-term, loyal customers
  3. It’s a great way to make announcements: Then utilize social media to push the video and drive traffic (best with online offers/promotions)
  4. It helps build credibility: sure public relations can boost credibility but video gives individuals a chance to see and hear you in your own words.  If you appear credible they’re more likely to purchase your product or service.
  5. Media love it: For people who want to be seen as an expert source for media, adding video to your website and online press room gives them an idea of how you will perform in an interview.  So, share your tips and advice via video to increase your odds of getting PR.
  6. News is moving online: It’s not just television stations that are utilizing news video on their websites but newspapers, magazines and radio and they’re looking for content.  Not to mention the “news sites” that rely solely on user generated content!  Offering them a b-roll (or raw video) package on your online press room (along with a press release) allows them to edit the story and produce their own voice over for allowing for a customized story for their site.
  7. Good video becomes viral: Think of all the businesses out there that have gotten creative with their marketing by producing a fun, interesting video that became an immediate online hit.  Small business have a real opportunity to use video to boost brand awareness and sales.  Many of these have become national news stories and then aired.  So, get creative!
  8. Video improves search: If you read this blog regularly you know the importance of search to your businesses success.  Remember: People don’t know they’re looking for you until they find you!  That’s why adding a component like video and can further increase the odds that your customers will find you!

Producing a good video is easier today than ever before with high-quality webcams and digital cameras.  If you want to produce a more “newsy” package for your site’s online press room I suggest finding a local partner who is affordable and skilled to do it for you.  Give them credit and it may give a boost to both of your businesses!

Jennifer Fortney
Cascade Communications and SmallBizPRMadeEasy.com
Follow me on Twitter for Daily SMB PR Tips @SmallBizPRXpert


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