How to Buy Technology: 3 Tips for SMBs

Thanks to one of  my Twitter friends, I came across a great article written by Nick Saalfeld of the True Business blog titled “How to buy technology”.  Nick is both a journalist and a small business owner and manages to succinctly summarise in one article what I, and many of my colleagues, have been advising to small and medium business owners for years.  And that is:  To be successful in your small business, you must adopt technology strategically to drive innovation and create a competitive advantage.

Technology is now ubiquitous – every business has access to core technologies due to the increase in affordability and availability over the past decade.  Just having the technology gives you little advantage or return on investment.  It’s how you leverage the technology – how you apply it strategically to your business – that sets you up for success.

Nick’s article wonderfully summarises this through three key points:1118441_start

  • Buying IT is no longer a single decision
  • Committing to technology demands a strategy
  • Technology is an investment

Read the article for Nick’s insight and further explanation.

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Clayton Moulynox – Evolve IT Australia
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