Perils of Online Social Media – – Great Article

This is such a great article on the perils of social online media I wanted to take a moment and provide it for those who may be reading this blog.  Remember your past and present can come back to haunt you! Sorry, this post is a bit long. Thank you Donna for providing this information: … Continue reading

Customer Service = Powerful PR

I’ve been feeling REALLY bad because over the last two weeks my computer crashed, I got a loaner (although I’m regretting the choice of company supposedly fixing my computer – I’m still on the loaner) and I’ve been having ongoing issues with my Internet service.  Oh yeah, the phone company for some reason because of … Continue reading

Digital Hoarder?: Online Backup can Capture Critical Business Information

Every time I move house I realise how much “stuff” I have.  You know, it’s the stuff that lives in boxes in the closet, and under the bed, and in the garage.  Stuff I just shift from one location to the next even though it has no immediate purpose.  Yet I don’t want to throw … Continue reading

Who’s Talking About You or Your Company on the Internet?

Last week I talked about, or now-a-days the search feature in Twitter. With that tool you can quickly search for who’s talking about you or your company on Twitter. Well, there’s another equally important free tool out there that let’s you keep track of who’s writing about you or your company on the Internet … Continue reading

A Simple Plan for Small Businesses and Social Online Media

So many business owners are struggling with social online media for their business. Their struggle is not how to use the tools. Those are free and easy to work in. The struggle is how do they effectively use these tools to help their business. To add some clarity to your businesses online social media plan, I suggest … Continue reading