Online Social Media Mistakes for Small Business

There are soooo many different online social media sites out there, it gets very confusing doesn’t it? Over time I’ve made it a point to read a bunch of different tips and pieces of advice about using these tools for small business.   Here’s what I’ve found are some pretty common sense suggestions to consider … Continue reading

People who Tweet at Luncheon Events are Rude!!

Folks, please don’t get me wrong. This post is not a negative about the application Twitter. It’s about some rude people using it. I recently attended a large Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon. Each month at these events they have guest speakers. Our guest speaker this month was from a consulting/news firm that specializes in social online media and … Continue reading

Share Your PR Success Stories

For over the last year, myself, and the other contributors here, have been dulling out our advice and expertise to help small businesses be more successful; to grow. Now I am interested in hearing from you! As a PR professional I love to hear people’s success stories in achieving positive media, and more importantly about … Continue reading

The Best FREE Resources for Getting PR

In the past, as a PR professional there were a multitude of great resources we used to help generate news stories for our clients.  Back then many were pay services that came by fax or even mail!  Can you imagine how far ahead journalists had to plan to get a query posted on that one! … Continue reading