People who Tweet at Luncheon Events are Rude!!

Folks, please don’t get me wrong. This post is not a negative about the application Twitter. It’s about some rude people using it.

I recently attended a large Chamber of Commerce monthly luncheon. Each month at these events they have guest speakers. Our guest speaker this month was from a consulting/news firm that specializes in social online media and he was going to present about online media.

So here’s our guest speaker sitting at the front table with the Mayor, the president of the Chamber, the three of us that are sponsoring this month’s luncheon and the Chairman of the Chamber.

Here’s where the rudeness starts. While our President is up at the podium talking to the audience and thanking everyone for attending, and the mayor gets up and talks about the Christmas tree fund, and while the sponsors are up talking about their company’s. Our great guest speaker has his phone in front of him, he’s looking away from the speakers and he’s tweeting and responding to people who are tweeting him. I can guarantee you he had no idea about anything that was said, nor did he present an attitude of caring about what was being said. He was focused on his social online media world.

Excuse me, can you say, “Please give the speaker your undivided attention?”

Then he is introduced and he stands up and tells everyone in the audience that over 50 people in the last three minutes have tweeted him back and they said to tell the people in the audience hello.

Who cares!!!! Can you tell me what was said in the room for the last three minutes?

Of course don’t get me started about the fact that he then stood up and tried to convey to the entire audience (Oh how I hate this line), but he stood up there and said “ALL your customers are using social online media, so you’d need to be using it too.”

Now first of all, ALL my customers (or at least 75% of them) have little to know time for online social media.

Stop trying to scare everyone into thinking they’re missing out on something!!!!!!!!!!!!

Grrrrrr, let me just stick with the topic of this post. That it’s extremely rude to be tweeting and texting and responding to your phone while someone is at the podium speaking to the audience. RUDE, RUDE, RUDE!!!! 

When using online social media, please consider this. If you are at a luncheon, and the president of the group isup there talking, would you stand in the center of the same room and have a separate meeting with 50 people in a little group and ignore the main speaker? The answer is no! So, why would you do that online?

Does anyone else besides me think his actions were rude?

Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC,
Experts in how business gets done on the Internet


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