Online Social Media Mistakes for Small Business

There are soooo many different online social media sites out there, it gets very confusing doesn’t it?
Over time I’ve made it a point to read a bunch of different tips and pieces of advice about using these tools for small business.
Here’s what I’ve found are some pretty common sense suggestions to consider if you plan to use these tools for business.
1. Selling to Everyone, Immediately, is a Big Mistake:
Yes you can do marketing in social media, but you need to create the relationships before you try and call on them. This is the same principle offline, correct? But sometimes we forget.

2. Don’t Use the same strategy on every site:
Twitter is not WordPress. Facebook is not MySpace. Linkedin is not Naymz. And they’re all different from Foursquare. Every social networking site is different, what works well on one site may not work the same on another.
3. Complete your Profile:
Once you decide which online social media site(s) you’re going to engage in, you need to commit and really become part of that network. Completely filling out your profile helps you attract like-minded members and shows people that you’re there to stay. 
But the most important thing to consider for online social media is….

Have a plan, and if you don’t know, don’t go!
Not all of your customers are using these tools. Some might be but they’re not “All” using them. Don’t go into the online social media world until, as part of your marketing plan, until you’ve figured out how you’re go to use it to increase your business, AND you have determined a way to measure the results of your efforts. You’ll be wasting your time otherwise. 
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