Social Online Media “Experts”

Folks, this is not a post bashing online social media experts. What it is are some things to think about when someone comes to you selling online social media services…….. There’s a growing flock of people out there calling themselves social media “experts”. What’s interesting is that none of these “Experts” have been at it … Continue reading

Not All PR People Are Created Equally

This is a true statement.  There are a lot of people out there who say they do public relations but the truth is many don’t know how to conduct a proactive PR campaign.  They don’t know what PR is.   They have, somehow, generated their own definition.  Some of these people will sell you on PR … Continue reading

My Favorite Pieces of Website Advice

As I’ve worked with many small business owners over the last few years, I’ve developed some lines that seem to work well. Of course I won’t be sharing those lines that didn’t seem to work so well 😦   But here are a few pieces of advice related to a Website for you to take, or leave, as you see … Continue reading

Secret Keywords No More!!!

Have you heard a Web developer tell you they are going to put in all the necessary secret keywords to get your Website to show up in Google and Yahoo? Did you build your own Website using a template or online tool that gives you a field to type in Keywords for the site? What both … Continue reading