Secret Keywords No More!!!

Have you heard a Web developer tell you they are going to put in all the necessary secret keywords to get your Website to show up in Google and Yahoo?

Did you build your own Website using a template or online tool that gives you a field to type in Keywords for the site?

What both of the above things do is put a piece of code behind the page called a META tag. So behind the page, if you were to know where to look, you would see a piece of code that looked like this with the keywords you wanted typed in.

“<meta http-equiv=”keywords” content=”web site marketing, search engine positioning, search engine optimization, marketing, sales, promotion, strategy, visibility, exposure, banner, advertising, search engines, registration, analysis”>

Something you should know though is……Google stopped using this method of indexing your site about two years ago, and Yahoo stopped using it in October of this year.

There about 15 things you need to do to the visual  “Content” of your Website to get it to show up in Google and Yahoo. There’s about 10 other very important things you should do outside your Website to get it to show up in Google and Yahoo.

My point with this Blog entry is to not be taken in by applications or Web developers who are going to put in Keywords behind the scenes to get your site to show up in search engines.

Google and Yahoo reward Websites that provide the consumer the content the consumer needs to make a decision.

Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC,
Experts in how business gets done on the Internet

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