My Favorite Pieces of Website Advice

As I’ve worked with many small business owners over the last few years, I’ve developed some lines that seem to work well. Of course I won’t be sharing those lines that didn’t seem to work so well 😦
But here are a few pieces of advice related to a Website for you to take, or leave, as you see fit. 
1. A Website is Not a Marketing Plan:
A Website should support your marketing plan. By itself, a Website is not a marketing plan. Within your “written” marketing plan, you should have a section on how you plan to use the Website to help your business.

2. Spend More Time and Money Getting People to Your Website, than You do on Your Website Build:
In most cases, utilize more time and budget getting people to your Website than you spend on the build of your Website. Once you have a thriving business going, dedicate more budget to your site.
3. Build the Site for Your Consumer, Not You the Business Owner:
As you build a Website, always consider first what the consumer needs from your Website, before you consider what you the a business owner want on your site. 

4. A Website Supports Your Brand, It Does Not Establish Your Brand: 
Ouch!! All the brand and graphic focused Web designers out there hate me for this statement. Sorry, but a Website can only support your brand. By itself it doesn’t establish a brand.
5. New Customers or Existing Customers: 
Most of us small business owners have two kinds of customers. New customers or existing customers. Which of these two customer types makes you more money? Once you’ve answered that question, look at your Website and see which customer type it better supports. If you’re building a new Website, and you have a limited budget, spend that limted budget making the Website support the customer type that’s going to make you the most money.
Chris Nastav, KC Web Specialists, LLC,
Experts in how business gets done on the Internet

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